Insurance for dangerous dogs

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There are eight breeds that the laws of our country include in the list of dogs that are considered dangerous, but each Autonomous Community can add nuances or expand this list. They must always be restrained in public spaces and the leash they use cannot be extendable, in addition to other requirements that you must meet if your dog belongs to one of these breeds.

This law appeared at the end of the 90s, so that the ownership of these animals could be regulated and citizens would feel more protected, since several people had suffered attacks from these types of animals. This law was intended to put an end to the training of these dogs that prepares them to intervene in fights or aggressive activities.

The PPP (Potentially Dangerous Dogs) and the list of breeds that are considered so at the national level is common for all of Spain, as is the regulations to be able to own one, train it and handle it, although be careful because, as we have pointed out before, Each Autonomous Community may have its own additions or extensions.

The first time a law was drafted to regulate the possession and way of life of these animals, it was made clear that in addition to genetics, the aggressiveness of these dogs was defined by their learning. This means that they could be trained to attack and fight and it also classified them as species that had the capacity to cause injury or death to other animals or people, in addition to damaging things.

About 20 years ago was when the list of the 8 dangerous dog breeds materialized that lasts to this day and includes the Rottweiler, Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Tosa Inu, Akita Inu, Fila Brasileiro and Dogo Argentinian.

It is also stated that crosses of these breeds, dogs that have an aggressive character or that have previously attacked or attacked a person or animal, those that have been trained specifically for this, or those that present some peculiarities will be classified in the same way. such as short hair, strong jaws, large and voluminous heads, strong muscles, robust presence, strong and marked character, wide chest circumference, height of 50 to 70 cm and weight more than 20 kilos, arched ribs and short, muscular back , among other.

Furthermore, the mere fact that your pet belongs to one of these breeds entails certain rules that you must adhere to when taking them through public spaces, to guarantee the safety of other people.

You will always have to wear it tied with a chain or leash, not extendable and no longer than two meters. You must also wear a muzzle that is approved and appropriate for the breed in question. You cannot take more than one dog of these breeds with you at a time and you must be of legal age. In addition, you must bring with you the license that you have been granted and proof that the dog is registered in the Municipal Registry of your location.

Given that this regulation generates a diversity of opinions and that it is alleged by many that the aggressiveness of a dog is not determined by its breed, but rather the education it receives is decisive, this law may have its days numbered since it is being implemented. considering modifying it to be able to evaluate each animal by its behavior without considering the breed to which it belongs and thus be able to avoid unjustified prejudices about certain breeds.

Obviously, dogs that belong to the State Security Forces, guide dogs, or those trained by officially recognized centers are excluded from this list.

What is dangerous dog insurance like?

Due to the characteristics of these animals, their owners are forced to take out Civil Liability insurance for possible damages to third parties that the dog could cause. In order to be granted the necessary license to have a dog of these breeds, you will have to show proof that you have contracted this type of insurance and that its coverage goes beyond 120,000 euros - you must always verify this information in the Community Autonomous where your residence is located, since there are some that require a higher minimum than what they ask for at the national level.

If you have a dog that does not belong to any of these breeds or their crosses, having pet insurance that gives you peace of mind for any type of event that may happen may be enough. It is important to note that at The English Court you will not be able to insure a dog considered dangerous.

How much does it cost?

The price of a policy for a dog considered potentially dangerous can exceed 100 euros, depending on the contracting conditions and the company you choose to provide your insurance.

The cost of having a dog as a pet is something that not everyone considers before getting one to add to their home, but it should not be overlooked. Giving him adequate nutrition, keeping his vaccinations up to date, giving him the corresponding veterinary check-ups (plus visits when something happens to him or he gets sick) and even traveling with him are an extra that you must take into account when preparing your family budget. . If the one who has stolen your heart is from a breed that is on the list we talked about above, add the price of the specific and mandatory insurance that you must have if you want to have it with you.

Your pet protected with home insurance from The English Court

You will know that, even if it is not one of those considered dangerous, it is necessary to have Civil Liability insurance for your pet because we are not exempt from the possibility that at a given moment it may cause, voluntarily or involuntarily, some damage to a third party, and this insurance is responsible for covering these damages.

If your dog is not on the list of potentially dangerous dogs, you are in luck because by insuring your home you will be able to have Civil Liability coverage for your pet. In any of the types of home insurance that you can find at The English Court, protection for your dog is included at no additional cost, if you contract the content.

There are different options for Civil Liability capital, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and you will have a certificate of your mandatory insurance available.

It may be time to compare home insurance prices to see which one would best fit what you are looking for. Don't waste any more time and take advantage of this advantage if you want to save on specific Civil Liability insurance for your dog, which you would have to take out separately. Let one of our experts advise you on the best insurance that can protect both your home and your soul friend.

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